Session - 2 : Molecular Biology #AdvancedStructuralbiology2019 | #MolecularBiology | #Paris

Molecular biology is a branch of biology that deals with the process of replication, transcription, translation and cell function. The centre of attraction is where DNA creates RNA and RNA creates protein. By applying the principles of biology, chemistry, and engineering, we can create plenty of chemicals, antibodies, proteins, and enzymes in a better manner. This leads the molecular biology into various disciplines like agricultural molecular biology, medical or pharmaceutical molecular biology, industrial molecular biology and environmental molecular biology.
  • Track 2-1Post Translational Modification
  • Track 2-2Sequence Alignment
  • Track 2-3Genome Assembly
  • Track 2-4Transcription
  • Track 2-5Next gen Sequencing
  • Track 2-6RNA Based Genomes
  • Track 2-7Protein folding and misfolding
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