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Latest Science Inventions

Building Human Organs

Oganovo is a company based in San Diego, California.Their latest science invention is a technology (novogen) which allows living tissue cells to be assembled into patterns and complex structures, such as organs.Organovo has partnered with Invetech. a company based in Australia, to develop a bio-printer.The device prints (places) human cells in a three-dimensional matrix to construct human tissue."Building human organs cell-by-cell was considered science fiction not that long ago," says Fred Davis of Invetech.Currently, the bio-printer can grow blood vessels. It is anticipated that within five years the device will construct arteries and by 2020 sophisticated organs will be built by the device.

Glass Nanobots Absorb Toxins

A nanobot particle made from glass is being developed that can absorb pollutants from contaminated water.The glass particles act like sponges by attracting and binding contaminants to themselves and expanding eight times in size during th…

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